Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Night Gelly Sleeping Mask

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Size: 80g

For All types of skin. It is especially recommended to oily skin with enlarged pores, acne and pimples.

It is a good-night soothing gel with zero shine x zero acne trouble for repairing intelligently troubled skin! Powerful 4 major skin control effects of super oil absorption x highly moisturizing x anti-acne x extremely soothing" seem to establish the last good-night "anti-acne defense line", skin will be fresh and flawless with no oil and acne in the next morning!

1. Super Oil Absorption
Absorbs Oil Content, No Infiltration Back!
Saw palmetto + PO factor + tea tree essential oil + Zinc PCA oil control factor
Monitors oil intelligently, controls secretion amount of sebum, avoids overflow of shine.

2. Highly Moisturizing
Releases moisture, sinks in, locks in!
Sodium hyaluronate + pentavitin + glycosyl trehalose + snow fungus extract
Network with abundant water, fully moisturizes, no coarseness! Regulates oil-water balance, maintains moisturized and tender skin feeling in the next.

3. Anti-Acne
Drives out acne thoroughly!
A high concentration of 0.5% salicylic acid with medicine + hyacinth bean seeds extract
Prevents generation of acne & pimples, shortens cycle of acne & pimples, avoids troubles from acne, and tightens coarse pores.

4. Highly Soothing
Relieves Dryness, Restores Clear Skin!
Witch Hazel Extract + energy activation factor + Phytoferulin
Relieves dryness, sensitivity and discomfort od skin caused by acne and pimple. Relieves discomfort caused by dry skin, and improves sensitive skin.

How to Use
Get an amount about the size of two soybeans by the stick and apply it evenly to the face after cleansing and basic skincare every night. It is wash-free.

Made in Taiwan

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